Tourist Visa

A 'TOURIST VISA' is available for traveling to India for tourist purposes such as recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends and relatives etc.

  • A tourist visa is appropriate for those who would like to visit India for tourism or other non-business related purposes.
  • You are required to possess a valid passport with a valid Indian visa before you start your travel to India. Every traveler, including minor children, must each have a valid visa to travel to India.
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Duration & Validity
  • Tourist Visa is generally issued with multiple entry endorsement.
  • Validity of Tourist Visa commences from the date of visa issuance and NOT from date of entry into India.
  • The Period of stay for each visit is maximum up to 6 (SIX) months from the date of entry.
  • Tourist Visa validity could be upto Ten years.
  • All applicants of Indian Origin with US Passports, applying for Tourist Visas may apply for longer term 10 year duration visas only.
  • Short term visas (less than 10 years duration) are only granted to applicants of Indian origin who: Have already applied for PIO / OCI and are awaiting process completion
  • Applicants applying for Emergency visas
  • For Minors (5 years only)
  • Any other category which the Consulate decides as per Government of India Regulations

Travelling to Neighbouring Countries

No Permit is needed if the visa holder is also travelling to neighbouring countries of India for tourism purposes on the same itinerary as long as the trip follows the itinerary exactly.

The visa holder must carry a copy of the itinerary to show the Immigration Officer

Visa Extension
Extension of stay is not granted for Tourist VISA.

Note: Duration of Visa or number of entries is purely the discretion of the Indian Embassy / Consulate and Astiv Consulting has no role to play in the decision making process. Applicants must note and understand that Visa is not a matter of right and hence the Embassy / Consulates could deny the visa if not found eligible / or does not have adequate supporting documentation or grant a visa for a period lesser than what has been requested in the application and what the applicant has paid for. There shall be no clarifications in this regard and the decision of the Embassy / Consulate will be final and binding.

How do I apply for a visitor visa?
1. Get a digital photograph of each applicant. ...
2. Complete visitor visa application form DS160. ...
3. Pay the visitor visa application fee. ...
4. Take appointment for visa interview. ...
5. Visitor Visa Fingerprinting at Visa Application Center (VAC) ...
6. Go for visa interview at designated US consulate.
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