Azerbaijan Medical University

Azerbaijan Medical University

Azerbaijan Medical University

Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU) founded in 1930, is one of the largest and most prestigious higher educational establishments in the country.

There are 5 faculties which include: General Medicine, Medical Prophylactics, Stomatology(Dentistry), Military Medicine, Pharmaceutic.

There are currently 8000 students (including 1171 foreign students) studying at the university. The courses are taught through 74 academic departments by a comprehensive staff of over 1628 trained professionals.

During last 10 years 2768 scientific works of the employees of the faculty were published, 467 of them are the handbooks, handbook supplements and other education-methodic works, 1173 are the article of the magazines, 1128 are the thesis, 605 works are published in the scientific summaries of the foreign countries and in conference materials.

Azerbaijan Medical University is approved by World health organisation(WHO) and Medical council of India(MCI).

  • Member of the International Register - Since 1996
  • Member of the Black Sea Universities Association - Since 1999
  • Member of the International Universities Association - Since 2000
  • Full member of the European Universities Association - Since 2002
  • Course offered: MBBS
  • Duration: 6 years

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